Who We Are

We identify and produce ideal tools to communicate, involve, entertain and enchant, within and without your business.

We are a young , dynamic and creative company and above all business analysis oriented, where the differential is our artistic expertise.

Our maximum priority is to provide a difference in your business with the commitment of always maintaining artistic quality, focused on significant and confirmed results for our clients.

Are you seeking for Innovation? Boldness? Results? Call TEM Solutions.

Do you want to improve your speech in public? Know our Business Theatre Workshop.

TEM Films

TEM films was born from the necessity of constant evolution in the manner of transmitting and retaining knowledge.

The access to audiovisual technologies prepares the content producers to constantly seek a more intimate connection with their public.

We are allying theatre concepts to cinema personality where humor is a relevant element to disseminate the exclusive content of our DNA.


Abbadhia Vieira

Bachelor of Arts in Scenic Acting, professorship and graduation in Finance. Masters in Cinema by the Universidade Lusofona of Lisbon.
She has participated for more than 12 years in the commercial area of various international companies, where her main challenge was to attract new clients and prepare motivational actions, with the aim of transforming environments, allying business know how to theatre technique and corporate language.
In 2009 Abbadhia developed the BUSINESS THEATRE®, a workshop for non-actors with the objective of improving performance through theatre techniques.

Hugo Verissimo

Screenwriter, comedian and actor. His challenge at TEM is to coordinate the screenwriter team as well as create humorous scripts for the corporate market, based on briefings and laboratories.

Emiliano Ruschel

Actor, director, and partner of Pipoca Filmes – TEM partner in producing Training Vi­deos and Mobile Videos. Has acted in feature films, produced and directed short films which were selected for international and national festivals as well as theatre plays. Awarded for PEGANDO NO TRANCO – FIN DEL MUNDO, a traveling program 2007-2008 including Brasil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Winner of MOSTRA COMPETITIVA DE PILOTOS BRASILEIROS TV World Panoram 2009

Larissa Vereza

Actress, director and also partner of Pipoca Filmes. Graduated in Scenic Studies, Improvisation and Cinema by the New York Film Academy LA, and in Scenic Arts in Rio de Janeiro. In her career, she holds more than 20 work experiences in cinema, TV and Plays.
She is TEM’s partner in developing scripts and directing videos together with Emiliano Ruschel.

Leandro Vieira

Photographer, editor and graphic designer. His challenge is to find and develop images that translate our content in a simple, functional and plastic manner.

Filipe Ruffato

Film maker and screenwriter. Masters in Cinematography by ULHT in Lisbon. Directs the photography and coordinates the editions of TEM FILMES in Portugal.

Tânia Leite

Executive Producer of TEM FILMES and a partner of Guapuruvu Filmesâ. Creates the shortest bridge between Brazil and Portugal in the production of fiction and documentaries.

Miguel Lambertini

Graduated in Social and Cultural Communication at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, with a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing, Miguel worked for 12 years in the Marketing and Communication area. He was a postgraduate professor at the European University and gave training in Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication in several companies. In 2017, he left the position of Communications Manager at a multinational and became CEO of his personal project: positively impacting the largest number of people, through comedy. With a background in theater and music, he is a screenwriter, author and presenter of the humor program “The Recipes of Chef Bernas” broadcast on the Portuguese television channel Canal Q. He is a chronicler in the lifestyle magazine NiT, where he writes humorous texts on television and cinema. He participated as a speaker at international conferences such as the Happy Conference or the eHealth Summit. He acted as a comedian in events of brands such as Pfizer, SAP, Mercedes, Lusitania Seguros, NOS, Santander, Lidl, as well as in previous editions of Festival F and Vidyou, and on the comedy stage of Festival NOS Alive’18. Miguel has 1.92 m but he believes that, with work and dedication, one day it will reach 2 m.

Mike Pires

Gratuated in Social and Cultural Communication from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, with an exchange semester in Brazil, at the Universidade Católica de Santos. Master degree in International Business Management from the Católica Lisbon Business School, studying in Korea, at the Korea University (the only non-Catholic one, wow!). Worked at Jerónimo Martins for 5 years, in Poland, where he was a Senior Category Manager of several retail categories, negotiating hundreds of products in China and Hong Kong (he was the biggest responsible for the long-lasting success of the fidget spinner in Poland). Later, he also did consultancy, helping to export Portuguese food products to China. Started doing stand-up in Warsaw and moved to London to deepen that craft. In Lisbon, he co-founded the “Regabofe Matinal”, pre-work party events from 7am till 10am. Nowadays, he accumulates translation works with some help at a friend’s vineyard. He also owns a company that sells cheese “or whatever that it” (that’s how his mom tells her friends).

Luciana Biulchi

Actress, Psychologist, Gestalt-therapist. Post graduated in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Gestalt Therapy. She has worked in schools with autistic children, CRAS and in Teatro Escola providing psychological assistance to artists. Currently works with private clinical care and in a healthy weight loss clinic serving people with binge eating. She has been acting as an actress for 20 years where she has performed in different areas, as well as appearances in soap operas, commercials, and films. Worked as a Theater director in a play also helping with psychological exercises.

Renato Dias

Psychologist, postgraduated in human resources management and business games, with over 24 years of experience in the areas of Human Resources, Coaching and academic, acquired in big companies, acting as Human Resources Coordinator/ Team Leader, Consultant and Specialist university teacher (Unigranrio, Unifel and Unicarioca). His main characteristics are Determination, Creativity and ease in Communication. Great Experience in Strategic Planning of Human Resources, Development and Execution of Guidelines, as well as: Leadership Management, Organisational Climate (GPTW), Assertive Communication, Technical and Behavioral Training. Resident in Dublin, Ireland since 2014, he works as a Psychologist in the health area (Hospitals, Nursing Homes and with mentally disabled people), acting in behavior management, as well as working / encouraging happiness and better way to deal with disabilities/difficulties, acting and offering people/patients with extreme physical and mental dependence (Alzheimer, Parkinson, Neurodegenerative Disease, Stroke and Paralysis), opportunities to be protagonists of their stories.


By always doing the same things, we will always get the same results. It is not enough to perform activities for SIPAT, it is necessary to enchant, entertain and leave an emotional residue. Count on TEM for the more creative and objective solutions.

It is necessary to challenge in order to improve! How about challenging your employees with our very well prepared actors/clients? To perfect your attendance with boldness and see who has the knack and professionalism, count on TEM. After this sale, your attendance will not be the same!

High sensitivity and content acquired with humor. One who learns with humor does it bettter! The concept here is: Not because one is serious one has to be boring. We prepare in a customized form the most complex projects for your Company, with creative content and well humorous. Our scenes are short and we can do everything you imagine and more… Trust us and be surprised!

Your investment is very high for information not to be properly assimilated. In this model, the more important points of the lecture are highlighted by hilarious scenes, giving weight reinforcement to the lecture. So, enough of lectures that lead to sleep, and learning results are below average. With these techniques we will shake the audience, massify the information and leave everything above average!

Do you want something associated to you training that will never leave the mind of your collaborators? Then we have prepared a set of entertainment actions, integration, dynamics, all associated to acting. Our staff will do all the difference in actions that might occur before, during or at the end of your event or even directly in your company. We tune in with a proposal and create a trademark of that moment. Think how important this is!

Have you ever cheered for a team to win the other team? Have you even seen an improvisation show? These are the words that best describe the championship that your company could participate in! In an IMPORVISION MATCH, the staff is treated as a team. The group is trained to participate in a competition, with referee, rules and a war cry. It is a true championship with emotional matches. The customized tool promises to be the incomparable ally for an improved performance.

This tool, “in company” format, seeks to improve performance. Imagine the techniques used solely to prepare actors, now in a corporate clothing and aimed at: speaking better in public, reducing dissonance between areas and cognitive dissonance, team integration, among others. Your team will be stimulated by exercises and emotionally experiential games! Theatre and Business hand in hand for an amazing result…

You can’t find time to leave work?
You are far away or in another State?
You want to use technology in your favor?
You want to set up a meeting with everybody?
No problem, We have the solution!
Here at TEM there are many forms to attract the attention of your staff, even where big or small distances separate us. We understand that the technology is here and it can unite us.
Our customized vi­deos are amazing!

A big company deserves a big moment! We love challenges and the release of campaigns deals with everybody’s interests and expectations. We will create a differential in your event and enchant your collaborators so that your product or service will always make the difference! Nothing better than starting with the right foot!

The Theatre in its full form, with the objective of improving life quality of collaborators. This is the opportunity to be in touch with arts, be they: Dance, Theatre, Music, Corporal Repercussion, or whatever other artistic manifestation. The goal is to involve and develop oneself through ART. Imagine a celebration of your company held at the end of the period by a special cast: Your own collaborators!

A tool that uses your company’s talents to produce an incredible short film. In this workshop we deal with the following topics: Project Management, Tasks Delegation, Time Management and Integration.

The Happiness Mentality aims to contribute to high performance and positive work environment through humor, increasing employees happiness.

2020 A challenging year for all of us. It is time to see & feel happiness on what we do.

The happiness mentality concept is directly related to a company’s ability to cultivate and act in accordance with its purpose, making its team feel that it is doing important work for society and aligned with its personal purposes.

The way we live increasingly personalized experiences in our lives as consumers has, in recent years, generated a movement in which employees want the same experience they have as consumers in the corporate environment.

People want to be happy at work and in their personal lives, as they no longer separate one thing from the other.

The Happiness Mentality Program is an online and offline program (12 hours) that aims to capacitate teams to be happier at work and in life.






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